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RobinsonBox ENG

Event description

This unique box is ideal to give your employees. Expedition Robinson Crusoe, but this time at home, or any other location of your choosing! No, not a board game, but a box full of supplies to play a real life Robinson with your friends and family. Pre-organised, yet still self-regulated. Additionally, you have some instructions with even more tips to make the game even more challenging. What makes it even better, is that a lot of the items in the box can be (re-)used at home or on vacation. Is that not extremely sustainable?!

box robinson

Contents of this box

All supplies fitted for a game with 4 people:

  • Game 1: Memory Game Chinese characters
  • Game 2: Human button
  • Game 3: Tasting test with dried insects
  • Game 4: Blind man's game
  • Game 5: Equilibrium test with tactical tug of war
  • Game 6: Bamboo stick tower building
  • Game 7: Memory game - Chinese characters and expressions
  • Game 8: (Ice)Block piling with sticks/chopsticks
  • Game 9: Final game with carrying water, filling coconuts with bamboo straws, solving a tangram
  • Tips for 'Wandelende A', 'Catapult' etc.


  • Starbucks Koffiestart capsules 2x
  • Prize
  • Bandanas 4x
  • Handy Robinson burlap bag for the games 
  • Possible: goodies

Interaction with colleagues/team building - instructors box 

The built up tension, hilarious challenges and nice themes in which you cannot always escape calls for the competitive interaction through published results.In order to support this we have created the "instructors box." This box is a free addition to your ordered uitjes boxes. Participation is, therefore, not an option! ;) This box also gives you tips to convert other activities into a team building challenge. Including the Robinson Games. (Only delivered in combination with the GlobetrotterBox).


In addition to the use of sustainable material use, most game items are also multifunctional. 

Programm Example

Be Robinson- the game:

Unpack all the items and spread them out per game. The preparation is fun too. It comes with anticipation. Give yourself a nice "Robinson name", and choose your bandana. You can, of course, decide in which order you play the games, with exception of the 'Final Game'. For each game, you decide how much time you want to spend on it. You can also play a Robinson game with for example 4 games, this allows you to have two rounds/times playing the Robinson game with different games. How cool is that? Tips and game instructions are all in the box. Are you the true Robinson?


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Prices starting at

Box Robinson All incl.: € 65,00 per box excl. VAT.

Minimum order is 10 stuks

Actually, you don't even pay €17,- p.p. if you use this box of activities in a household of 4 people. 

Costs extensions

Combination with one of the other boxes gives a discount of  € 5,00 per box



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