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GlobetrotterBox ENG; 4 Activities in 1 Box!

Event description

This unique activity box is ideal for group or company outings, and best of all, you can plan it yourself. Preorganised, yet still self-regulated. You can do all escapes. There is enough of a choice. And, anyone can join! Whether that is your partner or the whole family, fun comes first. What makes it even better is that a lot of the items in the box can be (re-)used at home or on vacation. Is that not extremely sustainable?!  

Interaction with colleagues/team building - instructors box 

The built up tension, hilarious challenges and nice themes in which you cannot always escape calls for the competitive interaction through published results.In order to support this we have created the "instructors box." This box is a free addition to your ordered uitjes boxes. Participation is, therefore, not an option! ;) This box also gives you tips to convert other activities into a team building challenge.

Contents of this box

  • City Game and Escape "City Go 'The Game'" * - QR Startcode
  • Car Rally "Auto Rally 'Holland Waterland Challenge'"
  • Bike tour "Fietstour 'Plot to discover'" with cool challenges
  • Free Pub Quiz with score cards and photo question sheet
  • Starbucks Koffiestart capsules 2x
  • 2x Card decks needed for the activities - multifunctional
  • Notepad and pencil
  • Possible: goodies


In addition to the use of sustainable material use, most game items are also multifunctional.

Programm Example

City Game and Escape "City Go 'The Game'":

This is a city game and escape is the perfect two in one activity. In the chosen city (the choice is done during the order of the box) you can play only The Game, only the Escape or both at the same time. A true challenge. Whilst going through the city you try to solve the escape challenges and answer as many questions as possible to win points. The scores are displayed on the screen in the game app. But nothing is what it seems. You can also lose your points if a PacMan Ghost catches you. How quickly can you solve the escape challenge and collect a high score of points? The best part is that you can decide how long you want to play.

Car Rally - Auto Rally 'Holland Waterland Challenge':

The country is divided into six regions, from west to east and north to south. The rally takes about a day per region if you want to do everything. You can, however, also spread the rally over a couple of days or simply adjust it to the amount of time you have available. During these tours you will encounter super cool challenges to make this trip even better. Beautiful highlights and iconic spots guide the route. Bridges, Windmills, Modern architecture, Nature reserves, Ferries, Forts, or Castles. Waterways and dikes. Want to keep busy on the way? Pick a card for the original and crazy en route challenges to make your trip even better than it already is! Of course there is also no shortage in music challenges! Sing along!

Bike Tour - Fietstour 'Plot to discover'

Time to jump on the bike and ride! Whether its a race bike, tour bike, electric bike or simply a standard bike, anything works because you decide the distance, duration and level yourself. You can create the route according to your own interests, make it as long and as difficult as you like. This tour can be plotted all over the Netherlands. So, you can even combine it with the Car Rally. Pack your bike on/into the car and start your adventure! During the bike tour you also get cool 'to do' challenges which you can complete or share with your family, friends and colleagues. 

Free Pub Quiz

With the Pub Quiz card deck you can play a real pub quiz with 5 rounds. You have 3 question rounds (General Knowledge, Sport and Estimation & Multiple Choice), 1 photo round and 1 music round (with a prepared playlist on Spotify). You and the other participants can keep track of the scores on the score sheets supplied in the box. The photo round also has a separate photo sheet prepared and supplied to you in the box. You can access your questions per round by scanning the corresponding QR codes on the different cards. Just below this, your quizmaster can access the answers to the different questions. In the InstructeursBox you can find some helpful tips on how to play this Pub Quiz online.


Naar wens


City Go - Cities and places (choice needed):

  • All provincial big cities in the Netherlands 
  • + Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Breda, Goes
  • + Cities upon request with an order of 25 or more 

Auto Rally (all incl.)

  • Netherlands -  Noord Midden Zuid

Fietstour (no choice needed)

  • The whole of the Netherlands

Pub Quiz

  • At home or other location 

Prices starting at

Globetrotter Box All Incl: € 45,00 per box excl. VAT.

Minimum order is 10 pieces

Actually, you don't even pay €10,- p.p. if you use this box of activities in a household of 4 people. And even better there are 4x activities provided in this box. 

Costs extensions

Extra City Go Game Card: € 15,00



Offer request


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