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AlcatrazBox ENG - Out Of The Box Escapes

Event description

This unique activity box is ideal for group or company outings, and best of all, you can plan it yourself. Preorganised, yet still self-regulated. You can do all escapes. There is enough of a choice. And, anyone can join! Whether that is your partner or the whole family, fun comes first. What makes it even better is that a lot of the items in the box can be (re-)used at home or on vacation. Is that not extremely sustainable?!

Interaction with colleagues/team building - instructors box 

The built up tension, hilarious challenges and nice themes in which you cannot always escape calls for the competitive interaction through published results.In order to support this we have created the "instructors box." This box is a free addition to your ordered uitjes boxes. Participation is, therefore, not an option! ;) This box also gives you tips to convert other activities into a team building challenge.

Contents of this box

  • WaterEscapeRotterdam (option)
  • EscapeThePierScheveningen (option)
  • CanalEscapeAmsterdam (option)
  • Escape Room Box 4 escapes and Chrono Decoder
  • City Escape* - QR Startcode
  • Possible: watertaxi or waterbus tickets
  • Starbucks Koffiestart capsules 2x
  • Envelopes  necessary for the activities - multifunctional
  • Antidotes, Combination locks etc.
  • Notepad and pencil
  • Possible: goodies


In addition to the use of sustainable material use, most game items are also multifunctional.

Programm Example

Home Escape Room Box - 4 escapes:

Feel the tension and experience the mystery of an escape room as a game, in your own home! In this challenging and unpredictable board game, you will need to solve a mystery by looking for hidden clues and solving puzzles. You have about one hour to complete this challenge, use your time wisely! The clock on the Chrono Decoder counts down from 60 to 0, provides the fitting ambiance and now and then even delivers cryptic clues. Can you crack the code within 60 minutes?

Follow the links to optional Escapes


CODE RED, CODE RED!! A tropical virus has broken out on the other side of the Maas. It was most probably brought here from far away via a large cruise ship... Read more...


Tsunami, Tsunami. Lockdown, lockdown. The incoming Tsunami has the Pier of Scheveningen in its grip. You have to escape the Pier and send a distress signal to Scheveningen. However, the Pier is unintentionally placed in Lock down. The scattered engineer is on vacation on a beautiful tropical island and is the only one who knows the combination to reverse the lock down. He will send you clues to reverse the lock down via coded messages. You can find multiple solutions and hints around the Pier. Please hurry! Will you free the trapped Pier visitors? And will you warn Scheveningen about the ominous tidal wave in time?  Read more...


MOKUM ALERT - MOKUM ALERT.... Alarm phase 1..

After years of ignoring warnings from experts, a real disaster is now unfolding in Amsterdam. The temperatures are still rising and the climate is turning tropical in Mokum. For 10 years we have been fighting the "Japanese Knotweed" and we are not winning. This invasive bamboo species has spread throughout the whole city. The roots of this plant are causing a lot of trouble; there are regular power outages, buildings sag, sewer pipes burst open and the Amsterdam cellars are filling up with water. The city is one big mess! On top of that, last year a Parasite hitched a ride on a container ship from Asia. The car tires that the ship brought to reinforce the NDSM shipyard turned out to contain a layer of water containing thousands of Malaria Mosquito larvae. Read more...




  • At Home
  • Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam
  • Den Haag/Scheveningen

Prices starting at

  • AlcatrazBox € 75,00 p.pc. choice of 
    • Home Escape Room Game box 4 games* & WaterEscapeRotterdam € 75,00
    • Home Escape Room Game box 4 games* &  EscapeDePierScheveningen € 75,00
    • Home Escape Room Game box 4 games* & CanalEscapeAmsterdam € 75,00
*retail price € 32,60 excl. VAT
Prices exclusive VAT
Actually, you don't even pay €20,- p.p. if you use this box of activities in a household of 4 people. 
Separate purchases of the home escape box are not possible. Separate purchase of the escapes WaterescapeRotterdam, CanalEscapeAmsterdam , and De PierScheveningen are possible.

Costs extensions

Horeca Boxen from € 10,00 p.p.

Minimum order is 10 pieces. 



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