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EverestBox ENG - Ice Sculpting at Home

Event description

This is a truly unique experience. The winter outing that you can do in your own home. You get crystal clear ice, tools, an anti-slip mat, sketch sheet and instructions.Have fun carving ice in the kitchen, on the balcony or in the garden, until you have a beautiful ice sculpture. Choose your theme as a company. You could even go as far as making ice sculptures that needs to complete a bigger ice sculpture. Three blocks could display one whole ice sculpture. How? Everyone does their part. For example, split a lighthouse into three pieces: one person makes the bottom, one person makes the middle and the third makes the top with the lamp. When it's complete you need to present your result virtually via Skype or Zoom. Take pictures and send them to your company leader or your team manager. Or simply hold a live online carving session all together. The judging is done by all of you, rate everyone's artwork with numbers and add them all up. You can of course, also choose to do the carving when and how it suits you or your colleagues on the day. In the InstructorsBox we provide you with further tips on how to organize this activity successfully. 

Contents of this box(es)

  • Ice block made of Crystal clear ice 
  • Toolbox with different tools 
  • Anti-slip mat
  • Working gloves
  • Sketch sheet and instructions
  • Pencil
The materials are packaged in a separate box. The ice block is packaged and delivered in plastic and carton. The ice blocks can still be worked on 6 hours after delivery without using a freezer. 
The ice blocks and material boxes can either be delivered separately to each participants home, or to a central pick up location. This central location could be the company building or a different location provided to our delivery service. The materials are of course for the participants and do not need to be returned. Still something useful for later. How cool!

Programm Example

On the agreed upon day (or time of day) the boxes will be delivered either directly to the participants or to the central point. In the case of the central location, participants can pick up the box during the day or pre-determined time of day. Once you have your box you can begin with your carving party, start by unpacking the tool box first. With this box you 'set the table' for the unpacking of the block. Now you can open the ice block container and put the block on the 'place mat'. That looks great, right? Time to get inspired! Contact your colleagues and have a brainstorm session. Decide the theme of the day, make a sketch and then... gloves on and time to get to business. You have a few different supplies, but don't worry there are tips and instructions to help you figure it out. After 1 to 1.5 hours you will have your amazing result. 


2 hours


At Home

Prices starting at

  • Everest Box Ice sculptures 10-50 boxen  € 50,- p.pc.
  • Everest Box Ice sculptures 50-100 boxen  € 47,50- p.pc.
  • Everest Box Ice sculptures 100+  boxen  € 45 ,- p.pc.
  • Delivery costs per address:  € 19,50 "Randstad" area +Flevoland and a big part of N-Brabant) and € 22,50 outside the "randstad".   
  • Delivery of all boxes to one address from  € 35,-
Prices excl VAT
Actually, you don't even pay €25,- p.p. if you do this ice sculpting workshop with 2 people at home. 

Costs extensions

  • Horecabox Koffie € 
  • Horecabox Lunch €
  • Horecabox Borrel €
  • Horecabox Diner €


Available for delivery from 1 October 2020.

Offer request


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